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Claudia Venturini Wedding Planner

I have been in the business of organising weddings since 2012 and I manage the family wedding favours shop established in 1970. I did professional training courses at Enzo Miccio Academy, I was awarded the web promotion wedding planner and table etiquette certificate

You can count on ME

When you rely on a professional wedding planner, you are gaining security, greater peace of mind and the certainty of an excellent result


You owe it to yourselves to entrust your wedding to a professional and thereby ensure a successful outcome.

Relying on a wedding planner means getting security, peace of mind and certainty: security because there is a solution ready for every unexpected event, peace of mind because every aspect is taken care of down to the minutest detail and certainty because your wedding will be perfect!


While you are dreaming about your wedding, I am taking care of the organisational and logistics aspects to make your dream come true.

In addition to creating and putting on your wedding, my job is to solve all the problems that may arise during the management and coordination of suppliers in the months preceding the big day and also on the day itself.


Unlike other wedding planners who have to rely on external suppliers for the set-ups, I have the advantage of being a set-up myself, always ready to solve problems that go beyond the planner’s work, thanks to my good manual skills and ability to adapt.

In addition I am also a calligrapher, I can customize any graphic part at any time, even on the day of the wedding.

My other pride is the sugared almonds, the sweet end of your most beautiful day, majestic and cared for in the smallest detail, with quality and exclusive products thanks to my production line.

The art of creating a dream


Meeting, listening, planning and creating together with the spouses, because the organisation of the wedding begins when mutual trust and affinity is established.


Like the most famous wedding planners, I personally take care of the preparation together with the suppliers I have chosen and selected, and together we create a close-knit work team


The preparation of the sugared almond sweets is taken care of in the smallest detail, it is not just a table with sugared almond sweets, but a small world in itself that includes sweetness and imagination.


A service that means you can customise the graphics for the event and that allows me to make corrections in person in case of an emergency at the last second.

If you can't be irreplaceable, make yourself unforgettable

Claudia Venturini Wedding Planner

Your fairy tale that comes to life

The bride and groom talk about me

Let's organise your most important day together